American Cockroaches Are a Big Problem in the Summer

The American cockroach is mistakenly called many names such as palmetto bug and water bug.  It is one of the larger cockroach species that inhabit the United States.  Pest control operators have to deal with this pest very often.  Even though the name may suggest it is native to the United States it is thought to be brought in on ships form Africa.  These cockroaches will feed on many different items such as food scraps, pet food, plant material, dead animals, glue, and each other!  They like moist places where they can hide such as crawl spaces, under porches, flower beds, and in some trees.   They enter homes through cracks or holes like around water pipes, and come in on grocery bags and boxes.  Eastland Pest Control can treat these pests with guaranteed results.   If you live in the Lake City, Florence, Sumter, Manning,  Johnsonville, Andrews, area please call 843-210-3478 today!