Ants Indoors and Outdoors in the Pee Dee

Ants are amazing insects that have been around on Earth since dinosaurs.  Generally, they are social insects that live in colonies, each with a specific task.  Ant colonies consist of some if not all of the following types: a queen or queens, worker ants, male ants, and alates.  Ants feed a wide range of foods but mainly forage on seeds, nectar, and other small insects.  Here in the South Carolina, we mainly deal with two types of nuisance ants, the Fire Ant and the Argentine Ant.

Fire Ants are a major nuisance in South Carolina because they can rapidly build mounds creating havoc on your landscape.  They also dish out a painful bite that can be deadly to people that are allergic to their stings.  Fire Ant Management with Eastland Pest Control allows you to take back your yard.  Our treatments are normally done twice a year with baits that Fire Ants take to their colony.  This bait sterilizes they colony so that no new ants will mature and then the colony dies out.  It is also guaranteed, so that if you see Fire Ants between visits we come out and treat with no extra charge.

Argentine Ants are also a major nuisance in this area mainly because of their massive numbers.  They are easily identified as they are trailing back and forth to a food source, generally in the hundred of thousands and even millions. This becomes a major problem when the food source is inside someone’s home.  Eastland Pest Control has you covered.  We offer our Home Plus package, and our trained technicians will identify and treat these ants so you can get back to living ant free.  Best part is that its Home Plus is always guaranteed, so if the ants come back so do we at no additional fee.