Fire Ant Season is Here!

Red Imported Fire ants are a common pest in the United States.  They are an invasive species that tend to infest lawns but can enter into homes as well.  They nest in earthen mounds that grow taller as the colony increases.  Their nests are an unsightly nuisance to many home owners.  They get their name from a nasty sting that feels similar to a burn.  They first bite with their mandibles to hold on then use their abdomen to sting.  This sting is painful and can be deadly to people who are allergic. These ants are very aggressive and attack anything that disturbs their mounds.   Eastland Pest Control treats fire ants with guaranteed results.  If you live in the Lake City, Florence, Andrews, Kingstree, Johnsonville, Sumter Manning, or surrounding areas call 843-210-3478 today.