Guaranteed Flea Treatments in the Pee Dee and Surrounding Areas!

Summertime is in full season, and so are fleas.  These small insect can easily be carried into your home by pets, rodents, and even you.  Fleas are excellent jumpers that that easily jump on a passing host.  The female flea will take a blood meal then will lay their eggs close to their host.  This means close to you and pets, probably on the carpet or in your pet’s bedding.  The egg will hatch into larvae, then cycle into the pupae stage and ultimately turn into the adult flea.

Eastland Pest Control stops fleas in their tracks.  We offer a proven treatment method that that kills adult fleas, as well as inhibit the growth of eggs and developing insects.  Fleas are attacked in three ways, pets must be treated so that they do not reintroduce them into the home.  Eastland Pest Control performs our proven flea treatment inside your home as well as handling problem area around you home.  Last, you must vacuum at least every other day for two weeks.  Depending on the severity of the infestation, a second treatment may be necessary, but enter our Home Plus Pest Control package and return trips will be on us.  That right, we also offer a guarantee that will cover not only fleas, but roaches, ants, spiders and most other common household insects.