Mice Taking Over Your Home

We all know the signs, small black pellets in the cabinets or little scratching noises in the walls.  You can usually spot the small holes in the wall or in the floor. You know what it is, you’ve got a mouse in your house. Now what, you can do it yourself or hire an expert. Most people try to do it themselves and get frustrated when they go back to traps that have stolen bait or tripped traps. Even worse, you put out mice pellets and run the risk of exposure to pets and kids.

The second option is to hire and expert, and specifically Eastland Pest Control as we service most of the Pee Dee. We have brought peace of mind to customers in Lake City, SC; Kingstree, SC; Andrews, SC; Georgetown, SC; Hemingway, SC; Johnsonville, SC; Gresham, SC; Britton’s Neck, SC; Marion, SC; Mullins, SC; Conway, SC; Florence, SC; Darlington, SC; Hartsville, SC; Timmonsville, SC; Bishopville, SC; Sumter, SC; Dalzell, SC; Manning, SC; Pinewood, SC; Pineville, SC; Eutawville, SC; Summerton, SC; and all surrounding areas. Eastland Pest Control has proven solutions that offer quick rodent knockdown with extremely low exposure to pets and kids.  We have rodenticide that we apply using tamper resistant stations and glue boards that work extremely well. As always, its guaranteed.

Call Eastland Pest Control today then sit back and let us take care of your rodent problems. We offer quarterly service at an affordable price that comes GUARANTEED–if your mice problems come back then so do we. Call us today at 843-210-3478.