Roach Control in the Pee Dee

Roaches are one of nature’s amazing insects.  According to Penn State, evidence suggests that they have been around for over 300 million years.  Also, there are about 3500 species of cockroaches worldwide with 55 found in the US (  Most species are not considered pests, but the German cockroach is notorious for infesting homes, apartments, businesses and other structures.

German roaches infestations are linked to the spread of various diseases.  They also give off a smell that can be easily identified when you walk into a house that has German roaches.   They also produce allergens that can cause a variety of health problems including asthma. Roaches are one of the most common pests in our area. We have calls every day from Lake City, SC; Kingstree, SC; Andrews, SC; Georgetown, SC; Hemingway, SC; Johnsonville, SC; Marion, SC; Mullins, SC; Conway, SC; Britton’s Neck, SC; Florence, SC; Darlington, SC; Hartsville, SC; Bishopville, SC; Sumter, SC; Dalzell, SC; Manning, SC; Pinewood, SC; Pineville, SC; Eutawville, SC, Summerton, SC.

The first step in a German roach treatment is identification.  We determine where the roaches have infested.  We ask customers clean out all the cabinets in their kitchen and bathrooms because that is where they are normally infest.  Next we treat cracks and crevices in places where roaches harbor with a pesticide and a growth regulator.  This pesticide kills some on contact and provides a residual if other roaches move into the same location.  The growth regulator prevents eggs from hatching and inhibits the molting process in live roaches.  We also spray pesticides and growth regulators throughout the house in spot treatments.  We then add bait close to these harbor areas that they eat very rapidly.  We usually incorporate more than one type of bait in case there are some picky eaters.

German roaches are a nuisance that will not go away on their own.  It takes a skilled professional to handle this age old nemesis.  Eastland Pest Control has a proven track record.  We tell you what to expect as we treat your home.  We also manage our schedule so that we can get to your home as quickly.  This treatment is $100 and is guaranteed for 30 days. We also offer a plan that will guarantee your treatment for one full year, with three free callbacks, it is $300.