Roaches are a big problem in Sumter, SC

The German cockroach is one of the major pest species that pest control operators have to deal with.  This small species of cockroach is found all over the United States but is non-native to this region.  Even though the name sounds like it originated in Eastern Europe scientists now think they came from northeast Africa near Ethiopia.  Being non-native in cold climates they cannot survive outdoors during winter so they are mostly found in manmade structures.  Homes, restaurants, food handling facilities and apartments are common places they can be found.

They will eat almost anything including human food scraps, pet food, soap, glue, and each other!  German cockroaches can reproduce faster than many other cockroach species going from egg to adult in around 50 to 60 days and can easily infest and entire dwelling in a short period of time if not controlled.  Eastland Pest Control treats these invasive pests with guaranteed results. We utilize a three step treatment that targets every stage of these roaches. If you are seeing German cockroaches in the Lake City, Florence, Sumter, Manning, Kingstree, Andrews, Johnsonville, areas please call today. Our number is 843-210-3478.

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