Roaches in the Pee Dee

The cockroach is one of the most common pests that pest control operators encounter.  There are many different types of roaches and they eat many different things and can live in many different places.  Two of the most common are the German cockroach and the American cockroach.

The German cockroach is a small roach that usually infests kitchen and bathroom cabinets first and quickly establishes itself in any crack or crevice throughout the home.  They eat food scraps, pet food, soap, glue and even each other!

The American Cockroach is a larger roach commonly called water bugs.  They like to infest damp places like crawl spaces, under porches, under leaky kitchen sinks and other places like flowerbeds and some trees.  They eat food scraps, pet food, glue, dead animals, and plant materials.

Roaches can be a difficult pest to deal with and a professional is often needed to control the problem.  Eastland Pest Control treats these pests with guaranteed results.  If you live in Lake City, Andrews, Kingstree, Florence, Sumter, Manning, Johnsonville or surrounding areas call Eastland Pest Control at 843-210-3478 today!