Take Your Kitchen Back From Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are a term that can include many different species of ant.  These ants are a common pest that pest control operators see.  These ants are a nuisance because they invade your home looking for food and can lead hundreds of ants trailing across your home.  They can enter from a small crack or hole and can cover your counter top and enter into cabinets looking for any crumbs, spills, or open packages they can find.  Sugar ants can be difficult to treat and a professional is usually needed to control the problem.  Eastland Pests Control treats sugar ants and many other pests with guaranteed results. We control this problem in most of the Pee Dee and surrounding areas including: Lake City, SC; Kingstree, SC; Andrews, SC; Georgetown, SC; Hemingway, SC; Johnsonville, SC; Gresham, SC; Britton’s Neck, SC; Marion, SC; Mullins, SC; Conway, SC; Florence, SC; Hartsville, SC; Darlington, SC; Timmonsville, SC; Bishopville, SC; Sumter, SC; Dalzell, SC; Manning, SC; Summerton, SC; Pineville, SC; Pinewood, SC.

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