Termites Are Out, Get Treatment You Can Count On!

Spring has made its grand appearance this year and from the looks of it we are in for a real treat.  Trees have bloomed early here in South Carolina, and with that comes a new generation of bugs that take to the air.  Most are beneficial providing a service to the environment by pollinating plants and helping break down organic matter.  Spring is also the season termites send out their winged alates to form new colonies.  This is normally the time people become aware they have a termite problem and frantically call an exterminator.

Termites are a beneficial part of nature that helps break down dead cellulose and other organic matter.  Termites have a microorganism inside of them that processes the cellulose in wood, and then in turn the microorganism feeds the termite.  Imagine how crowded the woods would be with dead trees and limbs if something wasn’t out there helping break this stuff down.  Termites only become a problem when they get into our manmade structures.  Pest control services from a professional will help keep termites away from these structures.

Eastland Pest Control offers excellent termite control with either Termidor or the Advance Bait Station System.  BASF manufactures both products, and both are proven to be excellent termite control options.  First, Termidor is the name everyone knows in liquid termite treatments.  Termidor is injected into the ground around your home, around the piers under your home, and around pipes.  Termites crawl through it and they unknowingly take it back to the colony and infect other termites.  Advance Bait Stations utilize the termite’s natural foraging habits to locate the stations.  Once the termites find the stations, a growth regulator is inserted and the termites carry this back to the colony in turn sterilizing it.

Eastland Pest Control offers termite control, control of fire ants, and general home pest control services all at a reasonable price.  Don’t wait until termites are flying around in your home, protect your investment now.  We can also deal with termites if you already see activity, and we provide free inspections and estimates