The Number One Pest: Bed Bugs

Most of us would laugh when we heard the old phrase “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” because it was so uncommon for anyone to actually encounter these bugs back then. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. They have come back with a vengeance and are showing up everywhere. They have recently became a common problem in our area. These pests have shown up in Lake City, SC; Kingstree, SC; Sumter, SC; Manning, SC; Pinewood, SC; Pineville, SC; Florence, SC; Bishopville, SC; Marion, SC; Mullins, SC; Johnsonville, SC; Hemingway, SC; Andrews, SC; Georgetown, SC; and all surrounding areas.

Bed bugs will find their way into your home through your suitcases, used furniture, or simply on your family’s clothing. The way they are shaped makes it possible for them to squeeze into almost any space. This makes it easy for them to get into your home. These bugs live on blood so they will feed off of you and your family. They will come out and bite you at night and only feed long enough to fill themselves up. Most people will not know they have been bitten at first, but as the infestation grows some people begin to notice a little itching. You will also notice small blood stains on your sheets. You can see the bed bugs on your mattress too, of course. Once the infestation has grown many bugs will be present. It actually takes a few months for an infestation to occur, so catching bed bugs early can mean an easy fix. If left untreated for two months you might only have a few adult bed bugs, but they could have one hundred eggs. If you let this problem go on for another month, you are in a different situation. All of those eggs will hatch and there will be new eggs as well. The sooner you contact a pest control professional the better your outcome will be. Eastland Pest Control has a proven treatment for bed bugs that will help you take back your home. If you are struggling with these pests call us today so you can finally get a good night’s rest!

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